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Re: [IP] Horror lows

Once I spent a semester at Arizona State Univ, and in the mornings I would
put my bag lunch in a locker at the book store, deposit my quarter, take
the key... thank god on this particular day I also left my car keys in that
locker. About lunch time I went severely hypo, must've been my NPH doing
its damn peak.

I started trying to walk from class to the book store, and got lost. At
least I was aware that I was hypo -- sometimes I just thought I was insane,
or I knew something was wrong but couldn't figure out what.

I wandered around campus quite a while, and it was a REALLY BAD HYPO. My
clothes were soaking wet and I started losing my vision. I tried to ask
people for help, no dice; then I couldn't walk, and I was seeing these golf
carts driving around -- Ah HAH! -- I need one of those!!, I decided. I
tried to stop a group in a golf cart and ask for a ride!  I was still lost.
But the golf cart became my one and only goal in life, and I searched until
I found a parked one.

A security guard's golf cart no less!  Got in, and started driving; threw
my back pack in the back. Went speeding like mad around the campus --- over
curbs, through shrubs, down an actual road with cars on it --- and almost
ran into people. Finally, I found my way to the book store. Twisted my
ankle something awful getting out of the golf cart.

Then, mad that my ankle was hurting, I started beating it against the
ground. That was intelligent!!!  I was limping for the next week.

I managed to get inside the book store, and got my key out.... but my
vision was so far gone I couldn't read the number on the key. I tried to
ask someone for help again -- I vaguely remember being selective about who
I approached: I waited until I saw a really attractive girl. She thought I
was a freak... I couldn't really explain why I needed help reading a locker

That was when I lost consciousness. I came to in the campus police
office... they thought I was on drugs, or drunk. After I explained, and
they finally noticed the medic alert bracelet, I got my choice of any free
candy I would like from the store. Boy, I enjoyed that. love candy,
especially when hypo.

And they never even mentioned the joy ride in the security golf cart -- I
don't think they figured it out!

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