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Re: [IP] About low blood sugars

In a message dated 98-06-15 22:00:07 EDT, you write:

<< Glucose tabs or glucose gel are the fastest acting. Other things such as
 (many) candies, snack foods, soda need to be broken down first, and they
 take longer to raise your BG. Eating a light snack after a hypo is often
 advised, if your next meal is a ways off yet. A number of folks here do
 treat hypos with milk, but I've always found it easier to carry a tube of
 glucose tabs. That gallon of milk gets a little heavy :-)

I finally figured this whole "treating lows" thing out.  Before I became wise,
I would always treat Kayla with Coke or juice and while it did bring the low
up, it also caused her sto go over 300 and stay there for a few hours.
Switched to glucose tabs followed by protein snack and the same thing
happened.  Then someone (maybe here) told me to treat with glucose tabs AND
WAIT at least 30 minutes to follow up with a protein snack or meal if it's
time.  Since I started doing this Kayla doesn't have the highs from rebounding
after the low.

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