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Re: [IP] Showering With Pump Connected

>Sue W wrote:
>> It is my understanding that heat destroys insulin's effectiveness. 
>Not so fast, Sue. It takes several days (with Humalog) or weeks (with
>other insulijns) for it to affect the strength of insulin. It doesn't kill 
>it immediately either, it decreases it's strength and would be noticeable 
>in tests.
>Ted Quick wrote:

Bob writes:

It's safe to understand that heat is a "variable" which can affect the
insulin. As a variable, it's effect is somewhat unpredictable.

Humalog does seem to be more temperature sensitive (both high and low
temps) than other insulins, but reports vary from user to user. I had a
reservoir full of Humalog (filled that morning) go "completely South" in
less than two hours in 95 degree heat last summer. Changing the complete
infusion set didn't help. Changing the reservoir brought my BGs right back
in line. Year before, I had a reservoir full of Velosulin go bad in about
the same amount of time. I was painting my garage on an extremely hot day,
had the pump in the Sport Guard on the back of my jeans. (Real smart Bob -
put your pump in an airtight container, hang it directly in the bright
*hot* sun for several hours, then wait to see what happens)

The term which I've heard used by insulin manufacturers to describe the
change in the insulin due to heat is "distillation". I'm not a chemist, but
to me, this implies that the insulin changes, so I'm careful.

Bob Burnett

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