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Re: [IP] About low blood sugars

> I never use orange juice for a reaction. I use milk or choc.milk. My 
> doctor told me that it helps to level out the sugar and keep it at an 
> even keel because of the protein in it. 


Whilst there is some truth in what your doc says, I would question the
wisdom of using milk as the primary response to a hypo.

Surely the best thing is glucose and nothing else, either as tablets, or
a large spoonful of powder dissolved in half a cup of water. I know I've
gone on about this before, but to me having glucose in the house is as
important as having insulin in the house. I really shifts my bg quickly,
perhaps in a minute or two. Once I'm out of the hypo zone, I then follow
it up if necessary with something slower acting.

> from the digest and spaced off supper for 2 hours. Well I knew I was in 
> a reaction but knew I had to fix supper for me and my family. I got some 
> choc. milk and started supper. I had to light the grill and that was 
> scary lucky I didn't burn myself. I finally had a chance to test after I 
> got the stuff on the grill,got my baby fed, and got some pasta dinner 
> put in the microwave. My sugar was 42. I have been having really low 
> sugars and are still able to take care of my self and everything,but I 
> am not sure how good of a job. I wished my better half could switch 
> places with me sometimes when I feel that way,to know how it is and how 
> bad I need his help when I am low. 

I know well that feeling of "I know I'm mildly hypo, but I've got too
many other things to do". I work hard to fight it: I stop what I'm
doing, take some glucose, and in a minute or two I'm back on full power.

Was the pasta good ? :)

Best wishes

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