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RE: [IP] I hate the new Minimed tape!!!

While in the hospital recently for an emergency appendectomy (what fun),
they used a tape called hypafix to hold the IV sets. I took some of the
tape home and have used it with the softset. The tape is much more
comfortable, sticks well, removes when I need to remove it, and I
haven't had any red welts from it. I haven't bought any yet, so I don't
know how expensive it is. It is one of the tapes mentioned in MiniMed's
Tape Tips booklet.

Good luck.


Original Message:

Does anyone else hate the new tape that comes with the Minimed
sofsets?  Until I started using the new "softer, thinner" tape, I had
never had a set pull out.  In the last 2 months, I've had two sets
pull totally out (and I didn't notice until my bgs shot up).  Also,
I've had (more often than not) blood under the tape  I assume that
this is from the infusion set not being held in tightly.
HELP!  My doc (who is a pumper too) says he's experiencing the same
kinds of problems.

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