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Re: [IP] The Railway landscape and the Insulin Pump>

> I have
> been on a Mini-Med 504 for seven years and just recently had the pump's
> internal baterry fail.  I was told by Mini-Med to purchase a new or
> refurbished pump.  The high cost now leaves me wondering if I should go
> back to syinge and multiple injection therapy.  I have been doing this as a
> test for about a week and have had decent results.  Remembering to inject
> and to bring insulin with me when I go out is hard though.  My delayed
> absorption problem, the reason I first went on the pump, no longer seems to
> bea problem.


Keep us informed of how you get on with MDI. People who stop using pumps
tend to "dissappear" from the scene. It's always useful to see how you
find life changes when you're on injections again.

The absorbtion problems may slowly creep up on you again, as your body
builds up resistance to NPH, although if it works for the time being,
that's great.

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