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[IP] Re: Help with the US terms for BG>

> I forgot to ask you a question.  Here in Canada the numbers used for BG
> readings are quite different than in the USA.  I have forgotten what the
> conversion method is and I am now finding it difficult to relate to all the
> diabetes mail that gives readings in US values.

Paula, here in Britain not only do we use the same Queen, but we use the
same bg units as well (millimoles per litre) A mole of glucose is a
fixed number of molecules, (602,253,000,000,000,000,000,000 of them I
think) rather than a fixed weight. Chemists prefer it in their
calculations, and it has been adopted by the ISO as the international
standard. We're just waiting for the Yanks to come over...

OK, the exact conversion factor is 18.2 or near enough 18.
However, given that bg meter readings are fairly inaccurate +/-
10%,15%,20% or whatever, and given that I don't happen to be able to
divide by 18 in my head.... I just use 20

So, knock off a 0 and divide by 2
or double it and add a 0 (or shift the decimal point...)

So US to Canadian is
240 -> 24 -> 12
70 -> 7 -> 3.5

and Canadian to US
4.3 -> 8.6 -> 86
14.2 -> 28.4 -> 284

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