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Re: [IP] SEX (oooh that word)

Sara wrote:
> Katie asked why the nurse educator taught about sex and diabetes.  well,
> speaking from the voice of not-too-recent experience, I seem to remember even
> good sex sucking when my blood sugar was too high or too low.  I mean even the
> BEST can't overcome that horrible yucky nausea and chest tightening wehen you
> are high...unless you are INTo that kind of kinky stuff.  And he can be god's
> gift to women, but if my blood sugar is 45...I ain't playing!

I find that during sex I lose hypoglycemic awareness. Normally I have
very clear early warning signals. The text books tend to say that the
physical exhertion of sex can require extra carbs blah blah blah. I
believe it's more subtle than that: during even "gentle" sex, I
sometimes find that my bg has plunged quite suddenly. Perhaps it hormone
related, suddenly increasing your insulin sensitivity. All I know is
that if I'm "getting there" and it ain't happening... time to take a
brief break and check my bg :)

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