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Re: [IP] Ha1c

Nancy Ludwig wrote:
> QUESTION....What would my husband's Ha1c be?  Him being "normal" and non Diabetic?

My tests always come back with the "reference range" quoted as well. For
example, my last result read 6.0% (4.3-5.9), meaning a normal person's
test, at this laboratory, would be between 4.3 and 5.9

The HBA1c is not an absolute fact, like the amount of glucose in a litre
of blood: it's more vague. They attempt to measure how much glucose is
attached to the hemaglobin as a percentage of the theoretical maximum
amount, which in itself is not a fixed amount either. (See Delaine's
previous excellent post for more details... 8-)

Another clinic I have been to used a different test, with a different
range, which meant I had to use a conversion factor to compare with
other tests. They have at last now gone over to the test used in the
DCCT, which has become the international standard.

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