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Re: [IP] Today's Dilemma

Judy wrote:

>Bob, I was wondering.  Does anyone besides me find the alarm, even set on the
>loudest (3) on MM507, too low to hear?  When it goes off at night, it's a
>miracle that I can hear it.  I know there are times when it's under the

I have a Disetronic now, but never had any problems hearing the alarm on my
506 while sleeping. It did alarm once or twice while I was driving, and it
was a bit hard to hear. Course, the sounds of pedestrians diving for cover
could have drowned out the sound of the alarm ;-)

I used to keep the pump under the pillow, now just lay it on the bed next
to me. I'm a pretty light sleeper, so  I usually hear any funny sounds
anyway. What's the possibility that the alarm is simply not as loud as it's
supposed to be? I wonder if there is anything that MiniMed can do to adjust
the volume?

Bob Burnett

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