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Re: [IP] MiniMed 507C

Hi Sam,

Isn't the irony of life just wonderful?  Seems like every time you
finally get the newest toy, someone comes out with an improvement!  ...
Oh well.

<< ARRGGHHH!!! I just got my pump hooked up last week and its obsolete
already!! So, when is the pump upgrade overdrive CPU chip going to be
released? Or, maybe I can get a flash bios update. Can I add more SIMMS,
hi-fi stereo surround sound, or a souped up 21" display screen to this
thing? Face it, I needed the ultra-sexy 507D model yesterday!!

(who always has to have the newest toys on the block) >>


	... Sue  :-)

		If your Bible is in good shape ...
		Your life probably isn't!

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