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[IP] Horror lows

Last summer, I tested before I went to town to get some parts for a
project I was building.  I tested before I left, and I was 140, I had 13
miles of mountain to go down, that normally takes 1/2 hr.  The shop I
was going to would be open for 45 min.  I drove down, and the shop was
closed?  I tested since I was feeling sorta out of it, I was 36!  I
couldn't figure out how I did that, unless the first reading was false,
or I just dropped that fast---100!!The shop was closed, I was stuck
there for another 1/2 hr until my bs came up.  I don't know how I could
have taken that long to get to  the shop, the dog would not tell me any
thing that happened on our trip.  That was scary.  I now test as I drive
after 15 min. on the road.  The only thing I can think that may have
been the cause, was that I had been so occupied  with my work, that I
was burning up more calories than I thought and my bolus for lunch had
been more than I needed.  My bs can drop like that though, I just have
to watch it very closely.  I went on a month of higher bg's and this has
allowed me to be more aware of the lows.  I get headaches, and feel sick
to my stomach, which is an advantage to not feeling anything like
before, maybe I will even get the shakes like Bob!  Oh boy, never
thought I would say anything like that!  Laurie B.
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