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Re: [IP] hypo humor...:)

Ellen, I'll address this to you but I bet most pumpers and pre-pumpers can
relate to these truths. By the way, I also experienced most of these lows
before the pump, but I still suffer from lows with it.  Isn't it amazing how
"slow" we are to "decide" how we will treat an insulin rx.  I waited once so
long in the cafeteria at the hospital that I only got a meaningless salad!!!!
I couldn't find anything I liked!  My BS was around 34 at the time.
Fortunately for me, my co-workers were intelligent enough to have me dring
Coke and I gradually had the presence of mind to get more food.  I can't tell
you how many times I refuse to eat something appropriate for a low because I'm
simply too confused to make a decision!!  No, I don't feel like orange, apple,
or whatever juice.  No, I don't feel like this or that.  My sons use a very,
very loud firm voice when dealing with me.  This is what I've taught them
because when they used to use the gentle voice it kind of lulled me to
Judy P.
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