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[IP] Crazy lows #7 (a combo.)

Another installment ...how can I leave you guys hanging?!?!?  This is
kind of a mixture of   4 different short stories kind of crammed
1)  I remember driving home from school after exams back in high
school...I am driving about 5 mph as everyone is trying to leave school
after exams...I didn't make any friends that day!!! I lived about 10
minutes away from school but it took about 45 minutes that day.  I had 4
other passengers in the car (which to this day I don't understand why
they didn't pull the keys out of the ignition?!!?)  I kept turning down
the wrong streets, into dead ends...My boyfriend was in the front seat
so he  kept trying to get me to stop but - as said before a diabetic
with low blood sugar does not give up easily - all I remember is saying
is, "O'kay you are right I'm low I can't drive, I'm tired I have to lie
down"  and I DID!!!!  The funny (scary) part is we were going 45mph down
the road.  My boyfriend, somehow, drove from the passenger seat.
2) In Wisconsin they have very BIG hills.  In middle school I had to
walk up this huge hill to get home.  I was getting pretty low and never
did make it up the hill...because I kept rolling back down it!!!!!!!!
Honest to god, it had to be at least 15 times I tried to get up the
thing but was too weak I just kept rolling back down.  I finally gave up
and just stayed at the bottom and "fell asleep".  My parents finally
came looking for me.
3)  In Europe, I was screaming out the window what a mean teacher my
grandmother was...thank god she had retired!!!  She had taken me to
Europe for a graduation gift.  They don't have screens in the windows in
Europe so when I say I was hanging out the window...I mean HANGINGOUT
THE WINDOW!!!!  My grandma was trying to get me to drink "the juice one
step over the suitcase"  (just kidding) but once again I DIDN'T WANT
IT!  I kept yelling at her I was going to tell the principal on her and
she was gonna fail and get a detention too (she was a math teacher for
35 years!!!!)
4)  I wasn't far gone on this one BUT I blame it on the low bs anyway.
I went to 7-11 to get a Reese peanut butter cup.  I couldn't wait to get
it in my mouth so as i am driving I open it and start to eat.  As I eat
i notice my arms are COMPLETELY tangled in the steering wheel.  My best
frien is trying to help me detangle myself as we gracefully glide over
the median to the other side of the road in oncomming traffic.  I
finally untangle myself but lose one peanut butter cup out the window in
the process.
To be continued...in the next few days...episode #6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Tonya D.   :-)

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