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Re: [IP] crazy hypos

By golly, that naked in the middle of the room surrounded by EMT's is
priceless.  It is amazing how these hypos effect us.  I once was driving, and
of course did the worst sin of NOT testing before I drove home from work.
Come on, it's only a 15 minute drive and I felt fine when I left work.  I
didn't feel weird, confused, shaky, none of the old reliable stuff.  No
"cloudiness" either.  What happened was I had to pull over to the side of the
rode because I was experiencing severe tunnel vision. I never really
comprehended tunnel vision.  It was frightening. My vision was incredibly
restricted.  I ate some candy, waited 10-15 minutes and retested.  I was OK to
drive the few minutes I had left to get home.  I never get in the car without
checking my BS now.
Thanks for the funny story.  I've got a few too and will eventually tell them.
For now, I am thoroughly enjoying the stories others are offering.  Also, it
is so valuable to realize that all of us do these crazy things!  Or should I
say some of us?
Judy P.
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