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Re: [IP] Re: Help with the US terms for BG>

Paula Berketo wrote:
> I forgot to ask you a question.  Here in Canada the numbers used for BG
> readings are quite different than in the USA.  I have forgotten what the
> conversion method is and I am now finding it difficult to relate to all the
> diabetes mail that gives readings in US values.  I believe my meter and in
> Canada we use millimoles /gram 

Actually it's millimoles/liter.

or something like that.  A normal reading
> would be between 4-6.  Anything below 4 is considered low and anything
> above 10 is high.  If my pump becomes disconnected, I could easily go to 25
> or 30.  If I am close to being unconscious from a low my number would
> usually be less than 2.  Can you help me understand your system of readings
> and what is considered high and low.

You just divide our mg/dl numbers by 18, or multiply yours by the same, OK?

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
from Geneva, OH: about the same distance from you to the west as Scooter
is to the east. I know, I used to live in his area.
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