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Re: [IP] A note to the Pregnant Women

Annette,  I have two boys.  They are 19 and 15 years.  Sounds like we had
similar experiences.  My doctor told me I should NOT have children--so I had
two.  The pregnancies were nightmares, but the results were dreams.  Of
course, my pregnancies were pre-pump.  I went through three doctors in my
first pregnancy before I got one that had a clue about diabetes and pregnancy.
The delivery room was so crowded that my husband had to squeeze in sideways.
Because of all my difficulties, I guess they thought I was going to deliver
Godzilla.  The baby was supposed to be huge and in great distress.  Well
wasn't everyone surprised when Dan came out at 6 pounds and very healthy.  I
was not in good control before I got pregnant, but I was before the second
child.  He was much harder for some reason and by then I thought I knew
everything I needed to know (hahaha).  My doctor tried to get me to go on the
pump for my second child, but I didn't want to.  I wasn't ready.  I think it
would have made my pregnancy much easier, but maybe not.  ellen  
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