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[IP] Hypo Horrors

I'd have to agree with you  -- while some may seem funny to someone else, in
my 27 years as a diabetic I've only had hypo horrors.  With A1c's ranging
from 4.5 to 6.9 there have been numerous hypos.  While I can carry on an
intelligent conversation with either my internist or my endo with bgs under
40 (3 times within the past year -- lab confirmed later to their amazement),
I have also lost it a few times in other events.  Those times still feel
very sad.  I'm a pretty secure person - or so I've been told, I don't hide
my diabetes from anyone, but those severe hypos hold no humor for me.  I do
find some of the posts hilarious, so perhaps I'm just a stick in the mud
even in a comical situation.  I think that it's more probable that even when
hypo we retain our basic reserve or lightheartedness.
Take care,

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