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Re: [IP] Please help about the infusion sets!

Sunada,  I have a disetronic and use the tender.  The tender and the
silhouette are the same.  The tender is great if you're thin.  It is very
comfortable.  I tried some of the other needles at one time and still like the
tender the best.  I do not know about the difference in pricing, but I would
guess there is not any difference and they are expensive.  You can get a box
of 20, ten needles and ten needles/tubing for $140.  I personally like the
length of the disetronic short tubing.  The minimed short tubing is too short
and the long tubing of both is too long for me.  I don't think you can get
this stuff anywhere but these companies.  I don't see how you can do this for
long without insurance.  Good luck.  ellen
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