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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

You make some excellent points. The problem is that we don't have a lot of
alternatives right now. I think anyone who thinks they are getting absolute
accuracy with our current meters is fooling themselves. 

What I look for is relative consistency. Can I do a number of tests within
a very short period of time and have the results within 5-6% Is the sample
gathering "technique" difficult enough that it prevents you from getting
reliable results? I recall the first metered strips where "blotting" timing
& technique made a important difference in accuracy. I also used the
Chem-strips before that (being slightly color-blind made interpreting those
colors very difficult). Back in the 1980's I used to be happy just to know
I was below 180 and above 70. But since DCCT, that's apparently not good
enough anymore. 

The problem is, that the closer you try to keep yourself to "normal" the
more critical your meter becomes. I look at it like walking a tight-rope.
There is just a narrow area that's OK. Too far either direction spells
disaster. Maintaining tight control without a reasonably consistent meter
is like being a nearsighted tightrope walker without glasses.

Lotsa questions... I wish I had the answers


At 06/15/1998 - 08:43 AM email @ redacted wrote:
>Sam, I was thinking about your post concerning accuracy of meter results.
>Perhaps we rely on their exact readings too heavily.  I have been diabetic
>39 years and I got my first meter in 1990 when my father died of a heart
>attack.  He had been a type 2 diabetic for a couple of years.  My mom gave
>his One-Touch.  I had been using chem-strips for many years.  I think I
>have had as good of control with the chem-strips as I do with the meter if
>had checked as much as I do now.  Of course, those strips took 2 minutes
>seems like a long time now.  The readings however were approximate,
120-150 or
>80-120.  I have forgotten all the ranges but it worked pretty well for
>Those strips work well when you're camping because I never was unable to
>the strip because the weather was too cold or too hot.  Even though I
>like to fine tune my BGs, I realize as long as I am not too high or too
low, I
>am doing OK and my A1C backs that up.  Just a thought.  ellen 

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