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[IP] A note to the Pregnant Women

I have had some pretty hard times with getting my 2 beautiful little 
boys. But let me tell you what, It was so worth it! I am so glad I 
didn't let anybody talk me out of trying to get pregnant. They did try 
to talk me into adoption and just excepting the fact that my health was 
just good enough to have children of my own. The doctors were even 
trying to talk me out of it. That made me more determined than ever to 
do it! 

I was so committed to do what ever it would take. It was so hard to do 
though. I loved being pregnant the first time, but it was so 
frusterating. I felt like I was concentrating on my 
eating,testing,excercising so much that I couldn't enjoy the feeling of 
being pregnant. I was so estatic when I had my first healthy live baby 
boy! I had lost 3 prior to him. 

The second baby boy that I have now was harder than the first one. I did 
have a pump with this one though. I had only had it for 3 months though 
before I got pregnant. So I was learning how to use it and working with 
all the changes of pregnancy. My doctor had never worked with any 
pregnant Diabetics on the pump. And he only had about 7 diabetics that 
he had on the pump. So he was still learning as well. 

I was also dealing with alot of stress at the time. We were losing my 
step son to Colon Cancer. He died 1 month after Caleb was born. I miss 
him so much! He was a great kid and at having Cancer he never compained. 
He was 17yrs old. I know he is watching over us and his step-brothers.

We came so close to losing Caleb also. He had respritory distress 
syndrome with only 20% chance of making it. We were in Omaha intensive 
care unit for babies for about 2 weeks. We said a lot of prayers. I just 
couldn't believe it was all happening to me at once. After I was so 
careful with my sugars and testing 8 to 10 times a day every day for 
about 13 months. God answered my prayers and didn't take him too. He is 
now 1yr.3mo. and is doing so good! 
It was an emotional rollercoaster! But I wouldn't trad it for anything! 
My boys are my life!

Some advice for you:
1. Be absolutly certain that you want this baby and that you are going 
to do whatever it takes from beginning to end.
2. Get a good doctor and keep in contact often. Even if you have to 
drive a distance. 
3. Be sure to have your sugars and hba1c checked before you get pregnant 
and that they stay good.
4. I ate a lot of oatmeal and bagels when I was pregnant. I was a really 
brittle diabetic and this kept my sugars pretty good for the most part. 
5. I had my baby in North Platte,Ne and wished I would have been in 
Omaha and had my baby their were he could have been taken care of the 
best in Neotatal Intesive Care Unit. It was seriously a matter of life 
and death. 
6. I was seeing a Special obstetrician and was going a distance to see 
an endo and a Doctor that deals with Pregnant Diabetics and the such 
kind of obstetrician. 
7. Have some sort of good insurance! We did and we are still paying on 
some of it. 

Best of luck to all of you and know that you can have a successful 
pregnancy with great determination and God's will. Contact me personally 
if you have anything you'd like to chat about. Be nice though:-) 

Annette S.

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