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Re: [IP] About low blood sugars

Annette wrote:

>I never use orange juice for a reaction. I use milk or choc.milk. My 
>doctor told me that it helps to level out the sugar and keep it at an 
>even keel because of the protein in it. 
Glucose tabs or glucose gel are the fastest acting. Other things such as
(many) candies, snack foods, soda need to be broken down first, and they
take longer to raise your BG. Eating a light snack after a hypo is often
advised, if your next meal is a ways off yet. A number of folks here do
treat hypos with milk, but I've always found it easier to carry a tube of
glucose tabs. That gallon of milk gets a little heavy :-)

>Also, I have been trying to do the mimic thing on the 506 with square 
>wave bolusing. I have been getting lows. I must not be doing something 
>right? Maybe I am alowing too much time. 
Sounds like you've figured this out. This is the same as running a
temporary basal increase over this time period, so you might go low if you
run it too long.


>from the digest and spaced off supper for 2 hours. Well I knew I was in 
>a reaction but knew I had to fix supper for me and my family. I got some 
>choc. milk and started supper. I had to light the grill and that was 
>scary lucky I didn't burn myself. I finally had a chance to test after I 
>got the stuff on the grill,got my baby fed, and got some pasta dinner 
>put in the microwave. My sugar was 42. I have been having really low 


General advice when you think you're low is to "treat first, test second".
If you make a mistake and you really weren't low, it's easy to bolus to
bring it down. Beats the heck out of having to summon help to revive you
from a low which you delayed treating. I'm not as aware of my lows as I was
42 years ago, so this is sometimes a struggle for me. This advice has
gotten me out of some tight pinches.

BTW, I "celebrated" on Sunday with the first low BG "shakes" I've felt in
over 15 years. I was working on my confuser, and noticed my hand shaking. I
knew I had delayed eating after my bolus, but couldn't figure out why my
hand was doing this. Finally I figured it out, then ate. I almost can't
wait for another low to see if it happens again ;-)
>I have tested as low as 26 and gotten myself out of a reaction. I admit 
>I feel pretty rotten but I can deal with it. 
Me too, but this is much too close to the "edge" for any safe margin of
error. Do you go this low often?

>Does anybody know about these implantable pumps? Does it give you 
>insulin somehow and control your sugars too? 
They just supply insulin, similar to the external pumps, but may do a
slightly better job of controlling your BG levels, according to the


Bob Burnett

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