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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

At 06/15/1998 - 01:41 PM Michael Maturen wrote:

>There is such a report!  At least in the Glucometer Elite, each box of
>strips contains what is known as the "Package Insert".  This leaflet
>outlines all the technical information, including both accuracy studies
>AND precision studies.

I've seen those before... except they are written in such a way that they
are pretty meaningless to us non-scientists. The AccuChek Complete has such
a report. What I'd like is something like the APR for interest rates or the
Nutritional Values on food. Give me the +/- values at the high, middle &
low ends of the scale against some standard.

>I DO disagree with your dismissal of accuracy, however.  If you only
>rely on precision (consistency in results), you may be headed for
>trouble.  As an example, if your meter is CONSISTENTLY 45% off from the
>lab value, that meter could be considered PRECISE.  However, if the
>meter reads 120, and your ACTUAL reading is 174 (+45%), you may be
>standing in line for complications...and you wouldn't even know it!  So,
>it is imperative that your meter be both ACCURATE (correct) and PRECISE

I didn't really mean to dismiss accuracy. Ideally you are absolutely right.
But, right now really precise meters don't seem to exist. I have a feeling
that they could make a more accurate meter. But since all they are really
interested in is selling strips, the meter is just a "throwaway" item to
get you hooked. I sometimes wish they had a "deluxe" version for those of
us that needed more precise results. Of course, there would be a premium
price to go along with it.


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