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Re: [IP] Mimicing Square Wave.


You can certainly stop the duration of a temp basal on the Disetronic - I
do it all the time. The temp basal will not stop automatically, though
(yes, I really like this). I frequently set a temp reduction for less than
four hours - I just return to the pump to the "normal" rate when I am done.
Works great for me ;-)

>Disetronic pump.  We also talked about the Disetronic not being able to
>adjust the duration of a temporary basal (up it's 11 hrs, down it's 4
>hrs) These are minor inconviences, but if I want a temporary for part of
>the evening, it is more of a problem.
>We thought that the best way to do this is to simply reprogramming the
>basals to the "desired" levels including the temporary or square
>components.  As long as I reprogram them before that time rolls around
>again, it should work.

Bob Burnett

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