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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

Sam Skopp wrote:
> At 06/14/1998 - 08:47 PM Michael Maturen wrote:
> >Not to defend Accucheck, but the American Diabetes Association says that
> >a variation of +/- 20% is acceptable.
> 20% is quite a lot. I might react (no pun intended) quite differently with
> a reading of 80 than I would with one of 64.... or a reading that said 200
> vs 160. However, if I knew that my readings were always ~20% low, then I
> could easily compensate. The real danger is if it could randomly vary
> anywhere from 20% below to 20% above. Then IMHO the readings in this
> situation would be pretty much useless. As an example, if my actual BG was
> 100, the meter could give me any value between 80 and 120 and still be
> within ADA tolerances. If I were about to embark on some strenuous exercise
> I'd need to know which end of the spectrum it really was at, or risk going
> hypo.
> >There are some meters that will typically read in a much tighter range
> >than that.
> If we are going to depend on our meters to make informed decisions, I think
> we need to know how tight that range is and where it stands in relationship
> to some known standard. Having access to this information would make a
> major impact on my decision as to which meter to purchase.
> >You must also take into account that some meters are calibrated to
> >report as whole blood, and some are calibrated to report as
> >plasma/serum.  Whole blood reads 12% lower than plasma/serum.  Most
> >doctors base their treatment on plasma/serum values.
> I know about these different types of measurements... and it doesn't bother
> me as long as I know which one they are using. Once again, I believe that
> consistency is more important than absolute accuracy. I truly wish that the
> tested relative accuracy and variability (in plain understandable language)
> was posted on every meter and/or box of strips. ("Truth in blood
> glucosing"??)


There is such a report!  At least in the Glucometer Elite, each box of
strips contains what is known as the "Package Insert".  This leaflet
outlines all the technical information, including both accuracy studies
AND precision studies.

I DO disagree with your dismissal of accuracy, however.  If you only
rely on precision (consistency in results), you may be headed for
trouble.  As an example, if your meter is CONSISTENTLY 45% off from the
lab value, that meter could be considered PRECISE.  However, if the
meter reads 120, and your ACTUAL reading is 174 (+45%), you may be
standing in line for complications...and you wouldn't even know it!  So,
it is imperative that your meter be both ACCURATE (correct) and PRECISE

Take care,


> Sam
> (now getting off his soapbox...)
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