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Re: [IP] hypo humor...:)

Judy, this is in response to your comment about never admitting to being LOW.
I am exactly the same way.  My eldest son (19 years) has always been the best
with me when I have a low.  He is sweet, calm, sensitive, and thoughtful.  My
younger son is also wonderful, but he is outgoing, energetic, and too busy to
notice anything.  I love them both immeasurably.  But anyway, my sons and I
were returning from Atlanta a year ago and we stopped at a filling station.  I
checked my BG and it was low so I announced that my BG was low and I needed to
eat something.  We went into the store which was unusually large and they went
to get something at the Taco Bell in the store.  I began looking in a very
thoughtful manner at all the food and drinks which were quite plentiful.
After I had looked for a long time, my son came over and asked me why I had
not gotten anything to eat.  I told him I was thinking about what I actually
wanted.  He left and came back in another 5 minutes and asked me if I had
decided.  I told him I was still thinking.  He handed me a coke he had bought
and said "well, while you are thinking, drink this" and I did.  Noone could
have gotten me to drink anything as easily as that.  He was never
confrontational or demanding.  I told him I could not have written a better
way to handle me with a low BG than what he had done.  I have gone over with
both of my children what to do when they think I have a low BG, but he has
always done the best, even when he was very young.  I know this is not hypo
humor.  I cannot think of any funny hypos, but when you want to hear the
HORROR stories, I have several of them.  ellen
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