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[IP] About low blood sugars

I never use orange juice for a reaction. I use milk or choc.milk. My 
doctor told me that it helps to level out the sugar and keep it at an 
even keel because of the protein in it. 

Also, I have been trying to do the mimic thing on the 506 with square 
wave bolusing. I have been getting lows. I must not be doing something 
right? Maybe I am alowing too much time. 

I have been doing so many things wrong lately...
for example I took my bath disconnected and went to bed(taking the pump 
with me) layed down and went to sleep forgetting to hook back up. I was 
about 500's the next morning. Took a bolus for quite a bit to bring it 
back up.  That same night I took my insulin thinking I was going to go 
fix supper soon. Came in here to the computer and got to reading my mail 
from the digest and spaced off supper for 2 hours. Well I knew I was in 
a reaction but knew I had to fix supper for me and my family. I got some 
choc. milk and started supper. I had to light the grill and that was 
scary lucky I didn't burn myself. I finally had a chance to test after I 
got the stuff on the grill,got my baby fed, and got some pasta dinner 
put in the microwave. My sugar was 42. I have been having really low 
sugars and are still able to take care of my self and everything,but I 
am not sure how good of a job. I wished my better half could switch 
places with me sometimes when I feel that way,to know how it is and how 
bad I need his help when I am low. 

I have tested as low as 26 and gotten myself out of a reaction. I admit 
I feel pretty rotten but I can deal with it. 

Does anybody know about these implantable pumps? Does it give you 
insulin somehow and control your sugars too? 

Are their any pumpers out their that have ICQ(it is a way to chat back 
and forth and see what each other is typing right now) I have this 
service(I downloaded it for free and I think it is pretty neat) Send me 
your ICQ number if you would like to chat. Thanks to all of you that are 
reading this and responding to me. 

I care about all of you that are experiencing difficulties and problems.

Annette S. 

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