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Re: [IP] Survey for KIDS Pumping

Sorry this is a few days late.  I am catching up on mail.
Age 13 1/2 yrs
Age went on pump 13 yrs 4 mos
Type of pump Minimed 507
Comments:  Our Dr. did not want to put Darren on a pump.  It took a little
over a year to convince her that he was mature enough to handle it.  I feel
that these Dr.'s have a misconception of the workings of the pump.  I now feel
that I should have been more stern in my demands for a pump 3 years ago when
he was first dxd.  We have not had a hba1c yet, we have only been pumping for
1 month.  However, from our own records, I can tell that his bs are in much
better control.  I also have noticed a change in his general behavior.  He is
not having all the ups and downs he was having on 4 to 5 shots a day.  He is
at a much more consistent glucose level all the time.  He feels better and he
likes not having to carry a bottle and needles around.  He goes to a private
school, so testing and shots have never been a problem. However, the other
students don't seem to notice him pushing a button as much as they did when he
would pull out a needle and take a shot.  As his mother, I am very concerned
about his future.  I want him to live complication free.  I want a cure as I
am sure that many of you do.  However, until that cure is found, these kids
need the pump.  When they are connected, they don't have to struggle with the
decision to give themselves a shot.  I am sure that insulin omission would be
a thing of the past.  These kids would have fewer tormenting decisions to make
as teens and young adults.  I know as a parent, it is much easier to help him
insert a new site every 3 to 5 days than to give him a shot 4 to 5 times a
day.  Also, he can make a poor food choice away from home and I know he will
take the insulin to cover it because he doesn't have to take another shot,
just push a button.
I hope I have not rambled on to long.  Good luck with your survey and thanks
for being such an inspiration for me.

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