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[IP] sticky molecules

I think Delaine pretty well summed up what I meant when I said the A1C was
just an average - I did not mean to imply that you could make your 457 go away
simply by having a couple of 45s, but whatever - I just think everyone makes
way too much of a big fat hairy deal of their A1Cs.  I am Sara, I do my best
and if my numbers dont reflect that, it doesn't change who I am, no matter
what the stupid ex-spurts say!

As for what Delaine wrote:
> biochemical process of glycosylation  that acute lowering of a 
> high blood sugar actually *REVERSES* theprocess & hence 
> BLOCKS the end products (blocks the actually cementing of the 
> sugar to the protein molecule). 

As I understand it, this kidney drug I am on does something like that.  It
makes the molecules LESS sticky so the protein doesn't stick to them (or is it
the sugar that doesn't stick)   I think the premise was to figure out how to
"block" this stickiness and hopefully reverse it.  I cant remember exactly,
but it has to do with that sticky thing.  I go in for my 2 year check  up on
the study next week so I'll let yall know

Buh Bye

*-)=B xoxx
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