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[IP] cataracts for weenie


Call me a weenie if you must, but I did not want to be able to give a play by
play as someone is working on my eyeball.  I had a cataract develop QUICKLY
after my vitrectomy in 93 - V was in June and cataract was removed in
September.  According to my doc, I have another one "growing" on my good
(HAHAHAHHA) eye - the one that is bleeding like a stuck pig.

>From what I understand, we DO develop cataracts easier, and especially after
stuff like a vitrectomy - my doc was not surprised to see it.  Funny though,
he is this supreme god of retinas, but doesn't touch the cornea...ah
diversifiction and specialization makes this country what it is, right?

Anyway, for the surgey, my doctor asked if I wanted to be asleep or if I just
wanted local.  "Hell yes, put me out!" I said.  I had had a BAD reaction to
the anesthesia after my vitrectomy, but she explained it was not a FULL
general anesthesia, you just literally sleep through the whole thing and feel
nothing.  So I am guessing it was just a combination of valium and demeral and
whatever else they had layng around the lab to throw in - whatever it was, it
was good.  I remember waking up a bit in the middle - I could see shapes and a
white light and thought I had gone to heaven, then I heard her voice - "do you
want to go back to sleep?" "Aaarghrghrghrrrrrgghagga," i replied and back down
into la la land I drifted.  If she stuck needles in my eye, I don't know and
dont wanna know. 

I was there about an hour after the surgery adn dont remember if that was cuz
I had to WAIT for my ride to get there or if cuz she wanted me to
stay...probably a combination - It was Thursday and she said i could work the
next day if I wanted...but I took the day off.

Someone also mentioned about still not seeing too good after the lens was
changed - i know right after the cataract surgery i could see pretty good, but
as the stitches came out, the shape changed and the vision has worsened a
little - nothing a good monocle wont take care of, but who has time to go to
an optician, what with endos and optho and gastros and podiatoes and every
thing else!

*-)=B xoxx
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