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[IP] will there be a chat to night

   hi everyone 
how was your weeked mine was real good are we having a chat tonight i have not
recive a reminder yet blood suger have bee real good was some what high sunday
but was able to get them down baby is doing real good i want to thank you for
your support and love and the e mail  and the love from the web is graet and i
need all the love and support  i can get my family is hear and yall on the web
and i will make it my mood swings are some better the dr said that me bing
pregnant and loseing lee and being a diabetic that will my any one to have
mood swings and iam verey strong and will make it my blood suger have been ok
and my next site my have to be in my leg dose any one have a good place in the
leg to put it in right now is in my left side   my family is all hear and lee
mother is coming down this week and she will be with us and help my mother
keep an eye on me she is an ob nurse and she will be a big help and iam at
home to day not feeling to good just real bad head ach and doing some better
now thank you for being a friend  and leting me cry on your shoulder and the
support and love hear and on the web i need it all a song i heard i  remendre
just a little of it and it said FRIENDS ARE  FRIIENDS FOREVER IF THE LORD IS
THE LORD OF THEM  AND YOU ARE MY FRIENDS FOR EVERY  and you are a good support
group for insulin pumpers like me 
see you to night               love kisa      
ps i will try to lay down it tyler will let  see yall to night 
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