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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

Sam, I was thinking about your post concerning accuracy of meter results.
Perhaps we rely on their exact readings too heavily.  I have been diabetic for
39 years and I got my first meter in 1990 when my father died of a heart
attack.  He had been a type 2 diabetic for a couple of years.  My mom gave me
his One-Touch.  I had been using chem-strips for many years.  I think I could
have had as good of control with the chem-strips as I do with the meter if I
had checked as much as I do now.  Of course, those strips took 2 minutes which
seems like a long time now.  The readings however were approximate, 120-150 or
80-120.  I have forgotten all the ranges but it worked pretty well for me.
Those strips work well when you're camping because I never was unable to read
the strip because the weather was too cold or too hot.  Even though I would
like to fine tune my BGs, I realize as long as I am not too high or too low, I
am doing OK and my A1C backs that up.  Just a thought.  ellen 
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