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Re: [IP] had one of mood swings

hi judy 
i just got your e mail and thank you for be hear and with your love baby is
doing real good he will not let me get much sleep but iam making ok for now i
will need to put my next needle in my leg where  will the best place to put it
now this site is on my left side and doing good and my right side is still a
little red so i will need to put it in my leg i not sure where will be the
best place to put that all and iam at home to day do not feel good and my head
is hurting and that all i need now  i will see you to night and i will be on
web this afternoon and you can send me an instant message if you can    iam
going to lay down and try to rest but tyler is playing and fliping and kicking
now my be he will let me rest see you to night    JUDY and thanks friends are
forever and you are my friend may GOD bless you 
                                            love lisa 
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