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[IP] SEX (oooh that word)

Katie asked why the nurse educator taught about sex and diabetes.  well,
speaking from the voice of not-too-recent experience, I seem to remember even
good sex sucking when my blood sugar was too high or too low.  I mean even the
BEST can't overcome that horrible yucky nausea and chest tightening wehen you
are high...unless you are INTo that kind of kinky stuff.  And he can be god's
gift to women, but if my blood sugar is 45...I ain't playing!

Also, good point about sex leading to pregnanacy and STDs - those aren't just
diabetes-related concnerns, but good things to hear from a nurse educator you
trust, before going away into the big bad world - sometimes it makes more
sense and seems more REAL when not coming from mom and pop..."yeah right, mom
telling ME about sexually transmitted diseases - like she even knows what one

There are other things associated with sex and having diabetes, what do you
think those lubriglide and KY commercials are for!!!

and of course if your EYES are bleeding, I hate to have to tell ya this, but
you are going to want to avoid headboard banging, and hanging upside down over
the bed, or table or whatever!

*-)=B xoxx
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