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Re: [IP] Today's Dilemma


Sue W. had a great thought on this, saying that the pump may have been in
"Auto Off" mode. It that were the case, the pump should have alarmed, then
if no buttons were pushed within 10 minutes, it would have started to
"Siren" (remembering my 506 model here - I think the 507 handles this the
same way). Since it seems everyone in the household woke up normally that
day, without being rudely "alarmed" awake, this doesn't seem to be the case.

Re: The idea that Melissa may have been pushing buttons in her sleep ....
Hope not. Dreaming of boluses for that full course dinner, followed by
strawberry shortcake is one thing, but acting out that dream is something
else ;-|

I'd certainly contact MiniMed. For the pump to go to Stop mode without
first alarming is strange, to say the least. Something sounds funky here.

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Renee wrote:

>     I awakened Melissa yesterday at 9:45 (school's out) since I was off for
>my daily ZAP (radiation time ) & she'd be home alone..Bg was 246..hmmm..VERY
>unusual nowadays...So we did the usual "problem solving":
>    a) "that" time of the month - NOPE
>    b) late night snack improperly bolused - NOPE
>    c) insertion site "bloody" or otherwise problematic- NOPE
>    d) silhouette "disconnected" - NOPE
>    e) out of insulin - NOPE
>Hmmmmm....in her half-asleep state, Melissa hits the "back light" on her 507
>and says "oh that's cute - it's been on STOP since 7:00"....hadn't had any
>insulin for almost 3 hours...Her theory:  "oh - guess I rolled over on my
>& it STOPPED".....
>      After 27 months of pumping, this has NEVER happened before..so PLEASE
>PLEASE someone give me a better explanation for what happened here...problem
>was quickly remedied with a bolus & 2 hrs later she was down to 140...
>      as always, not trying to alarm anyone (bad pun) ....Pump seems fine &
>she was 124 this morning....My husband checked the Minimed manual &
>she would have had to have hit SELECT twice & then pushed ACTIVATE to have
>reached the STOPPED screen....
>     hmmmm..after all these previous posts, we're left wondering if she could
>have been "dreaming" about taking a bolus & been pressing buttons in her

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