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[IP] crazy hypos

I've had a lot of really crazy severe hypos. One thing I've found
interesting is how different parts of the brain shut down during the hypo
-- sometimes it's eyesight that goes, sometimes verbal abilities, sometimes
-- the worst -- judgment.

In my very first severe hypo, I had fortunately gone to my grandma's house
after being diagnosed and having to drop that semester. One day I had been
working out, and was taking a bath afterward. My grandma, an aunt and a
cousin were in the house, and so was my girlfriend.

I had been in the bath for an hour, when my cousin got curious about this
very loud moaning she heard coming from the bathroom. After a little while,
nobody in the house could ignore it, so they called my girlfriend in to
find out what was up. I've never gotten a clear story of what happened
next, but apparently there was an argument between my cousin and my
girlfriend, which had to do with my girlfriend not wanting my cousin to see
me naked, and my cousin wanting to help me because she was worried!

The part I remember, of course, is 'coming back' on the floor of the living
room, a towel draped over my midsection, and about 6 EMTs standing over me,
as though in a football huddle. 

For a second I was confused, and then, when I recognized they were EMTs, I
jumped up shouting, "Oh my god! Who's hurt? What happened?!"  I had no idea
they were there for me!  I kind of figured it out when I looked down, saw
the towel on the floor, realized I was all wet, and was standing naked
being reassured by all these EMTs who were crowded around ME, and I had no
recollection of anything since taking a bath!

Unfortunately I've had many of these crazy episodes, and I'd like to share
a few more...

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