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Re: [IP] Changing Sites


I'm not familiar with the "Contact" infusion sets you mention. Are these
perhaps the "Classic" (bent needle) or the "Rapid" sets?

YMMV of course, but some of us will stay with the current site a bit
longer, to use up the extra insulin in the cartridge.

I'm not crazy about those little slide clamp things either, but  if I use
two of them close together and make sure they are not too close to the hub,
they are much easier to manage. I try to keep them about 2 inches back from
the hub. The slide clamps are important, since they prevent insulin from
flowing through the tubing (and into you) when it's disconnected from the
pump, and also help prevent air from being introduced into the tubing. You
should always use them when you change only the cartridge.

The other trick someone taught me is to hold the pump over the open end of
the tubing (which has the slide clamps on it) while I "prime" the new
cartridge. I let some insulin drip into the open end of the tubing to fill
it completely, then connect it. I sometimes place the cartridge filling
needle back on the end of the cartridge when it's in the pump, to help get
the tubing re filled - works great ! You can actually use the needle to
break any bubbles that may be there.

The general recommendation is to *not* refill or re use cartridges or
reservoirs. This seems to be especially true for plastic cartridges. The
lubricant inside the plastic cartridges can dissipate when they are re
used, and there can be problems with leaking and sticking. I've never re
used cartridges (even the glass ones) or reservoirs. 

You will of course, hear different advice from others - it may be wise at
this time to go with the advice of your health care team. When I first
started pumping, I ended up using some extra supplies and insulin, since I
didn't have all the mechanics of this stuff worked out quite right. As I
grew accustomed to the routine, my insulin needs, etc., I was able to fine
tune my supply usage better and learned some shortcuts. My attitude was
(still is) "I'd rather be safe than sorry".

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Wendy wrote:

>Hello everyone, I have a quick question. I am using the Disetronic with the
>Contact infusion sets.It's time to change my infusion site, and my cartridge
>is three quarters empty. I have tried to use that slide clamp thing and that
>didn't go so well. I hate to change the whole cartridge and waste the
>insulin in it. Do you think it would be o.k. to just take the cartridge out
>and refill it to the top? I know the rep said not to because of the special
>coating inside it, but I imagine people must refill them. I'd appreciate any
>help. Thank you!
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