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[IP] more hypo munor

I can't believe I did this....

I was outside working on our "never ending" landscaping project.  Felt a
low coming one.  Went in the house and tested.  YEP, need some dex
tabs.  So grab them off the counter in the bathroom and start chewing a
couple of them up.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I always
have to wash dex tabs down with water or soda.  

So I'm guzzling my water, and dex tabs starting plopping onto my face. 
Seems I filled up the dex tab jar (with dex tabs still inside) with
water and started drinking out of the jar!!!  Oh geez louise!!  What a
stupid thing to do.  I mean there's glass right there on the bathroom

I guess a lot of rational thought sometimes "takes a hike" during those
low spells.  I mean drinking water our of a glass isn't something I have
to think twice about, but when a low strikes, who knows where my mind

Anyway, after reading all of the other funny hypo stories, I just had to
share this.  At least I didn't don a feather boa and go marching around
spike high heels....(hee hee).  Had to laugh at whoever posted that one!

Becky D.
Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted
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