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[IP] hypo humor

OK, here's another one......

I've only had ONE hypo episode in 21 years of diabetes where I ended up
in the ER.  My husband brought me in , because he simply could NOT wake
me up.  He found me clutching a bottle of dex tabs with the lid still
on, so he knew I hadn't eaten any of them.

So I'm in the ER, and I'm finally starting to come around.  The dr. is
attempting to determine if all of my faculties have returned yet.

DR: "What's your name?"  
ME: "Becky Draper"

DR:  "What year is it?"
ME:  "1998"

So far, so good right?  Then the next question......

DR: "Who is the president?"

I pause, I think, I pause...  Now of course I know who the president is,
Bill Clinton, but still being in a somewhat foggy state, I just couldn't
seem to grasp the words Bill Clinton and spit them out so.....

ME:  "Hillary"

The whole ER staff is just a hootin and hollerin.  I'm still in a hazy
state and can't quite seem to figure out what the hell is so damn
funny.  Then my hubby leaned over and filled me in on the joke.  "Oh" I

Good thing I didn't say "Socks."

Becky D.
Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted
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