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Re: [IP] how a low spell this am baby and i are ok

I once thought that pregnancy would be impossible.  I still remember the
conversation that my then boyfriend (now husband) and I had when he related
his conversation with "Mom" to me.  She had said that I'd have great
difficulty having kids,........., cut it off.  Thank heavens for my calm,
it's not a problem, engineer (solve it type), husband.  He simply told her
that we weren't even close to getting married yet (5 years prior to that
event) but when we were we would have kids and it would be fine.  He
convinced me too.  While pregnancy is a bit of a challenge, and I had MANY
of those lows that have been commented on lately, the result is incredible.
I have a 9 year old that I was pre-eclampsic with and told my doc withing 5
minutes of delivery that there would be more.  The 6 year old was a very
intense, 1 1/2 hour (Pitocin with this one probably wasn't necessary)
labor -- I may have waited a bit longer to say, sure I'll have more.  The
three year old I wouldn't have missed for the world, and now I'm
wondering....  Lately the gastro problems are making me cognizant that it
would not be the best for the baby, but don't miss that experience or those
wonderful lives.  DO breastfeed, it benefits anyone, but is even more
important for kids with diabetic parents.  With Erin (the 3 year old) I was
traveling 60 - 70% of the time, for up to 4 to 5 days at a stretch.  Medela
makes a great electric pump with an adaptor for AC/DC current.  If you wear
a jacket it's easy to pump and drive.  Airports are a bit more of a
challenge, but most of us have done the RR thing for diabetes anyway -- it's
for your baby, and that's even more important.  Nursing does cause some lows
until you get the program down, then there's a growth spurt and it's a whole
new program.  It's one of the best programs I've ever been a part of though.
Don't forego the challenge!
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>I just need to let all of you women that have had babies know that you are
>true inspiration to me.  As a little girl seeing "Steel Magnolias" I always
>had the fear that I would never be able to have children of my own.
>that so many of you have had such wonderful childbearing experiences has
>brought my dreams to life again.  Thank you all!
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