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[IP] LaLa Land #8

Another installment of Adventures in Hypoland...Today's episode:
                              #8 - Maid in the Street
I once had a summer job as a maid at one of the hotels down the resort
strip here in Virginia Beach.  I was not thrilled to have this new job
but then again it was kind of cool since I could meet all kinds of cute
tourist guys...little did I know?!?!?   My best friend, I had mentioned
in the Philly Fashion Show installment, was also working with me.  The
only problem was she was NOT near me while I was approaching LaLa Land
(which would have helped!)  So I am working my butt off vacuuming,
dusting, cleaning bathrooms, making beds.  I must have done 20 rooms and
thought I was going to get some lunch SOON...NOT!!!  Since we only work
half days or something they kept telling me i couldn't go out to lunch
and of course I didn't remember to bring anything!!!  Needless to say I
was approaching extreme hypo by quitting time!!!!  My friend came to
pick me up in the last room I was in and I was in the bed with the
vacuum cleaner - no lie!  She got me up and tried to get me to the car.
She was trying to get me to the car so we could stop by McDs to get some
soda(she didn't know how far gone I was...until...walking through the
halls of this ritzy hotel I start yelling profanities and mainly about
the stupid b*&#@ that wouldn't let me eat (who just happened to be the
BOSS!  She got me down the elevator and started to cross the main strip
with 9,000 cars zooming by.  Needless to say I DIDN'T feel like crossing
right then so I kept breaking free of her grip and returning to sitting
on the curb.  After about 5 more times she finally got me pretty much
across the street BUT I broke free again but this time decided to go lay
down in the middle of the street (remember the 9,000 cars) they didn't
care?!?!?  Finally her wrestling me in the middle of the road some BIG
nice guy got out of his car and carried me to the car (as I called him
every name in the book)  My poor best friend...I felt bad!  She finally
got me strapped in and secured and we were off to McDs so she could tell
me all the crazy stuff I did as I came back to the "real" world.
Needless to say I ended up NOT returning to that job, hey - I called the
BOSS a @#$% and a  @#$%^& and a @#$%$!!!!!!!  Sleeping with a vacuum -
what the heck do ours minds think when it has too much insulin?!?!?
Mine things all kinds of bizzarre things as you will see...Stay
tuned!!!!! :-)        -Tonya D.

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