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Re: [IP] RE: Accucheck Complete

At 06/13/1998 - 11:17 AM LBE FSD wrote:
>I have had your experience with BM and LifeScan -- only at 180 degrees.
>Although I am extremely disappointed that I have not been able to get the
>software for the Complete, and consider it to be worthless without the
>software, the customer service folks have always been topnotch.
>on the other hand I have called (two seperate occasions) and reported
>extremely impolite customer service attendents.  The only point that I am
>making is that every company is staffed by individuals -- and human
>says that some days are not perfect.

Yes, I am very aware of this... especially since I work in Customer Service
for the largest international installer of automated library software. It's
tough to be cheerful, helpful and fully knowledgeable 8 hours a day, 5 days
a week. And, I'm certainly not perfect. But there is never an excuse to be
rude or impolite. Under the most stressful conditions you have to always be
calm, positive and polite... even when the person at the other end is not.

In any case, maybe I've been lucky because I personally have always had
good experiences with Lifescan. Doesn't mean that the next time that I
couldn't have a totally different experience. Basically, they are all in
business to sell test-strips. The meters are just giveaways to get us
hooked on their strips. Anything they can do to get us using their meters,
so we'll buy more strips is to their advantage.


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