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Re: [IP] I need help with the silhouette

I'm a newbie pumper, but I started out on the Silhouette and I've used them
4 times now. The following is the way I was taught by my CDE. Anyone else,
please feel free to add any corrections. 

Take off the front needle guard and the front sticky cover. Fold the sticky
front part back and hold it back with your finger. You grab a fold of skin
on the abdomen (just like for an insulin injection) and use a 30 degree
slant (or less) when you insert the needle. Once you've inserted the needle
(I find it pretty painless, but YMWV) you then push the front sticky part
down and then pull the tab for the back sticky part and smooth it down.
Once everything is stuck down, remove the needle. Connect to the tubing and
bolus about 0.8 to fill the cannula. 

I use IV prep 1st and then a transparent dressing below the infusion set.
That may be overkill, but the CDE said it may reduce the chance of
infections. However, she also said that the MiniMed rep told her that it
wasn't really necessary to use IV-Prep. Apparently they claim that its like
insulin injections, that as long as your skin is clean, infections are very
rare. I haven't used alcohol with insulin injections for years and never
had a problem. But, an infusion set seems a lot more invasive to me. So, I
don't know what the correct answer is.


At 06/13/1998 - 12:08 PM email @ redacted wrote:
>I just got a free sample of the sihouette from MiniMed.  I want to try it
>my next site change.  For those of you on the sihouette can you give me
>pointers on how to do it.  I have the instruction sheet but thought it
>help to hear from those of you that use it.  I currently use the regular
>sets.  I used to use bent needles.  Does it go in at the same angle as
>bent needle.  Thanks in advance for you help.

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