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Re: OOPS!!!!!!Re: [IP] hypo humor...:)

Hope this is going back to Delaine as we are having thunder and lightning
storms here is the banana belt (Niagara Falls area)
Here goes again.
One morning I was having an NPH-induced episode (thanx Delaine)    and was
still in bed when my high-school-aged daughter called out to her  (afraid to
get too close in case she needs help diabetic Mom)  in her best dealing with a
diabetic's voice-ARE YOU O-K?  and the Mom answering in her best diabetic's
voice-I'M FINE'

Sometime later, I finally wandered out to the kitchen and starting asking the
usual diabetic questions getting a grip on the morning-who am I, where am I,
where should I be, etc.
I sat and looked at the calendar and saw that I had had a hair-do and when I
felt the hair spray (OK OK it was twentysomething years ago) realized that I
should be at work.  Since I was the only support staff in a one man law office
and since I had never mentioned my health idiosyncasies, he could only assume
that I would always 
show up and get on with it. And eventually I did!!!!!!

jWith reference to the daughter, who always asked the question at the request
of her Dad, to this day she is a little afraid of the one bad  day she will
find, and also she was involved with us on holiday in Barbados when I went
from the plane to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for 16 days of our 28 day
holiday and then HOME.  There were some posts a while back about the effect of
our health on other  family members and I feel that she is most affected and
she is now near 38.

Each time I read another hypo-humour (cdn sp)  I am  laughing-I think

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