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I whole heartedly agree that this is a place to vent.  We need each other for
support.  If you don't want to read anything that upsets you then there is a
thing called "delete."  I for one don't dwell on the negative, I do face what
can happen to me and have had some scares but so far no complications.  My
heart goes out to those that have complications, for I could very well be in
there shoes and just might be one of these days.  Ellen, the pump chat is a
place to get support and to vent and I hope everyone can take an opportunity
to do so if you need it.  It isn't a support chat for only "happy people."
Each morning that I wake up I am grateful for another day.  I just take each
day as it comes and I "keep on keeping on."

Hugs to all of you,
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