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[IP] RE: Accucheck Complete

I have had your experience with BM and LifeScan -- only at 180 degrees.
Although I am extremely disappointed that I have not been able to get the
software for the Complete, and consider it to be worthless without the
software, the customer service folks have always been topnotch.  LifeScan,
on the other hand I have called (two seperate occasions) and reported
extremely impolite customer service attendents.  The only point that I am
making is that every company is staffed by individuals -- and human nature
says that some days are not perfect.

I'm back to using my Advantage (there are 3 Profiles in the closet.  Yes,
when I switched back to BM products, the numbers were a little different,
but I adjust to those changes and find the pattern that works.  My endo has
more confidence in the BM numbers now than he does the Lifescan, but he
switched me to the Profile 4 years ago from one of the previous Accucheck
meters so who knows how long that will last.

Take care,

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