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W O W E E,  Z O W E E,   I just got back from vacation yesterday and have been
reading the posts from June 4-present.  I know this subject has been beat to
death, but I have to comment anyway.  I was shocked to read some of the
responses I read to Sara and Sue.  BTW,  I wish the best to Sara, Sue, and
Debbie, and anyone else going through some ordeal with relation to their
diabetes.  I would also like to thank Janine, Sam, Randall, and D.P.  for
their sensible and inciteful comments.  Before I got to your posts, I thought
I would have to reach into the computer and strangle a couple of very cold
hearted people.  Sara, I guess you should have thrown an EYE BLEED PARTY
instead of being down about it(hahaha).  And maybe Cindy, one of your chat
nights should be devoted to--HAPPY CHAT and it could be led by Tanya.  VENT,
VENT, AND MORE VENT.  That is what I like about this website.  Keep venting
people.  Listen, I have been diabetic for coming up 40 years.  I have no
serious side effects and consider myself quite lucky, but I do not live in a
fantasy world.  This disease DOES ravage the body, if not in 5 years or 10
years, maybe in 50 years.  Then again, I could get hit by a truck tomorrow.
If at all possible, I like to be prepared.  I want to know about eye, kidney,
or other problems.  I feel the more I know, the better off I will be.  This is
a great resource of knowledgeable diabetics and I want to reap the benefits of
your knowledge and frustrations.  Sara, I don't feel like I can be truly happy
if I don't have your sometimes amusing and sometimes inciteful comments to
read.  Keep on posting.  And Darrin, thanks so much for your post about
children needing to vent.  I hope parents are absorbing some of this.  OK,
I've vented some of my pent up anger.  Thanks people for being here.  ellen  
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