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Re: [IP] Silhouette disconnecting

At 06/13/1998 - 05:39 AM Bob Burnett wrote:
>Congratulations on your first week pumping. I'm tempted to be corny and
>"congratulations on the first week of the rest of your life" ;-)

Thanks. I'm still trying to figure out my basals. Hopefully I'll be
gettting closer in the next few weeks.

>Not sure what pump you use (sounds like the MiniMed), but I never suspend
>stop mine (I use a Disetronic). I'm not in the shower that long. This
>saves a bit on batteries, since the pump doesn't beep to remind me it's
>Stop mode.

I use the MiniMed. I tried to leave it going this morning... it seemed to
be OK when I re-connected. 

>When you disconnect, try placing the pump on a shelf higher than the end
>the disconnect - in other words, let the tubing hang down. "Gravity" will
>keep the insulin at the end of the disconnect - you might notice a drip
>the end. However, if you place the pump / tubing on the same level,
>see that a small bubble forms at the disconnect end when you are ready to
>hook back up. If you experiment, you'll see the bubble get bigger when
>hold the disconnect higher than the pump. Remember this basic fact, and
>can help troubleshoot those pesky bubbles that form at the disconnect

You and Ted Quick need to get together... you seem to do just the opposite
from each other. You let it drop while he hoists it up. Today I split the
difference and kept it on the level. <g>


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