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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

At 06/13/1998 - 05:13 AM Bob Burnett wrote:
>At 09:14 PM 6/12/98 -0700, Sam was writing about his Accu Chek Complete:

>I don't compare the readings with another meter, because the comparison
>will never be valid. Actually I will sometimes compare, but I never
>to draw any conclusions from the readings.

I never try to directly compare meters either, because I know that they all
use different methods & standards. However, when I get a new meter I like
to check my old one to the new one just to see what the difference is (is
the new one reading higher or lower). But, when I did this and there was a
29 point difference (Profile=175, Complete=146) a bell went off. I would
have expected up to 5-6% difference one way or the other... but this was
too much (17%). Plus, it's not been consistent, which (in my mind) is even

>I called Roche Diagnostics and they had not heard of this problem before
>(go figure ;-)). They quizzed me about my technique, did I know what I
>doing, etc., then finally stated they want to look at my meter. I had a
>replacement (full kit) the following day. (Federal Express totally
>destroyed the shipping box in transit, though). So far, I have not seen
>problem again, but I'm also returning the latest vial of strips along
>the meter. Sometimes the lot of strips can be an issue. FWIW, the strips
>was using had a code of 520.

They gave me the same drill too. Except they did want to send me a new
meter or strips  (I had code 427). I used to have one of their meters back
in the good-old days (1980's) and I got the same quiz back then too. They
always try to make it seem like it's your own fault. LifeScan on the other
hand is always great. I've gotten a replacement meter for the most minor
complaint (I had to push too hard to make the buttons react). I've written
e-mail to the Roche sales-rep and told her all the same things I've written


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