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[IP] Today's Dilemma

Morning everyone:
    OK- all you creative, well-informed, pumpers- here's today's dilemma for
you to resolve...And just to show how much faith I have in all your knowledge,
I didn't even bother calling Minimed about this yesterday, although I will...
     I awakened Melissa yesterday at 9:45 (school's out) since I was off for
my daily ZAP (radiation time ) & she'd be home alone..Bg was 246..hmmm..VERY
unusual nowadays...So we did the usual "problem solving":
    a) "that" time of the month - NOPE
    b) late night snack improperly bolused - NOPE
    c) insertion site "bloody" or otherwise problematic- NOPE
    d) silhouette "disconnected" - NOPE
    e) out of insulin - NOPE

Hmmmmm....in her half-asleep state, Melissa hits the "back light" on her 507
and says "oh that's cute - it's been on STOP since 7:00"....hadn't had any
insulin for almost 3 hours...Her theory:  "oh - guess I rolled over on my pump
& it STOPPED".....
      After 27 months of pumping, this has NEVER happened before..so PLEASE
PLEASE someone give me a better explanation for what happened here...problem
was quickly remedied with a bolus & 2 hrs later she was down to 140...
      as always, not trying to alarm anyone (bad pun) ....Pump seems fine &
she was 124 this morning....My husband checked the Minimed manual & determined
she would have had to have hit SELECT twice & then pushed ACTIVATE to have
reached the STOPPED screen....
     hmmmm..after all these previous posts, we're left wondering if she could
have been "dreaming" about taking a bolus & been pressing buttons in her

Regards, Renee
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